The Liebster Award

Monday, February 09, 2015


Hey guys, so I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Rachel over at Chicmcqueen. So thank you for nominating me and everybody go over to her blog check it out and show her some love! (Link Here)

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Answer the questions from your nominator
3. Nominate up to 11 bloggers
4. Create 11 new questions
5. Notify your nominees through their blogs or social media etc.

My questions:

1. What is your favorite part about blogging?
My favorite part about blogging is putting looks together and going out to have a little photo shoot, that's always a fun time. Another is reading all your lovely comments! I just really enjoy blogging (every part of it).
2. Favorite memory?
My favorite memory would have to be my summer vacations to Jamaica. I got to see my family, spend time at the beach and soak up the sun. When you are there you always feel so chill and relaxed, no worries.
3. Favorite song to listen to while driving?
Well I don't drive but my favorite song at the moment is Oops // Wus Good Mix by Louis Mattrs (listen here)
4. What is your most essential article of clothing?
My most essential piece of clothing are my basic tees. They go with everything and you can dress them up or down.
5. Countryside or city?
6. What do you hope to gain from blogging?
I hope to meet some amazing, creative people, who are passionate about what they do. Maybe somehow in the future being a blogger can create an opportunity for working within the fashion industry, since that's what I'm going to school for.
7. Style icon/inspiration?
I don't really have any icons but a few of my style muses at the moment are Solange, Julia Sarr Jamois and Jane Birkin. I draw inspiration from the things and people I see when out and about. You can really draw inspiration from anything, like art, photography, films, other bloggers, etc.
8. Favorite TV show?
I have so many,lol. Well, Kitchen Nightmares (anything with chef Ramsay,tbh), Bob's Burgers, Martin and Teen Wolf are a few.
9. Favorite cuisine?
Mac and cheese, Rosemary fries and anything with seafood(sushi!!).
10. Favorite blog post you've written?
I have a few but my number 1 is Autumn Feel.
11. What's the one place that you've been dying to visit?
Dubai, Dubai,Dubai!!

My nominees:

Questions for nominees:

1. When and why did you start blogging?
2. Fall/winter clothing or spring/summer clothing?
3. Do you have a favorite designer?
4. If you could meet anyone from anytime, who would you meet?
5. Three beauty products you can not live without?
6. Where are you from?
7. If you could live anywhere else where would it be?
8. What's your dream job?
9. What are three random facts about yourself?
10. Coffee, Tea, or both?
11. One trend you would never try or get into?

*P.S My blog turned one on the 7th and I just wanted to thank all of you who continue to read my blog and leave your comments. I am so happy I stepped out of my comfort zone and finally started this blog. Now that I've gotten the hang of things, I hope to take it a step further and remain active. 
And again, THANK YOU!


  1. Hi Mel,
    Thanks for nominating me
    I'd be more than happy to participate :)
    Keep an eye

  2. Hi Mel, done

    1. You're welcome and thanks for participating. :)
      I'll go read it now!