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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Recently I was contacted by the brand Solutions 24 to try out their new line of products. Their new collection is available in 2000 Walmart stores and will be available in multiple Ulta stores later this year. This collection consist of three corrector sticks that focus on specific skin issues like dark circles, dark spots, and puffy eyes. Now this line is a 4 week system, so it will take that length of time to see drastic results in your skin. 

This is merely a first impressions post and I will let you know how everything goes in an update. My main focus are my dark circles and puffy eyes. I have been using these two sticks for the past week and I have seen a tiny improvement, my eye area looks less puffy, and a bit smoother. When put on the skin they have a nice refreshing and cool feel that I like, it kind of wakes up the eye area. The dark spots stick can be used on your face, neck, chest etc. which is nice because I have a few dark spots on my back I will like to fade. These products are nice and simple to use, just apply after cleansing morning and night. They are not messy, non greasy and for me they do not irritate the skin. I also like the packaging, which is compact and small. I cant wait to continue using these products and see how they work out for me. If you have any issues that these products can solve, I think they are worth a try and they are pretty affordable. Check them out here, here & here.
Brand website here.

Problems each stick solves:
Puffy eyes : Puffiness around eyes, sagging under eye bags, eye area wrinkles, dry and tired looking eyes
Dark circles : dark circles under eyes, darkness on eyelids, dull skin tone, aged and tired looking eyes
Dark spots : dark spots, age spots,sun damage, post acne marks, uneven skin tone, freckles and naturally darker areas

Till next time

* disclaimer : the products featured were gifted to me, these are my own honest opinions


  1. Great review! I've been looking for a product for dark circles and it seems this one is easy to use. Looking forward to the update :) xx

  2. THis looks like a pretty great product thanks for sharing!