Night Owl x MakeMeChic

Friday, November 11, 2016

These past weeks have been pretty crazy, especially this week. Between school and this election, the stress has been x1000. But I'm not here to vent, I'm here to show off this top I got from MakeMeChic. If you never heard of MakeMeChic, they're a site with a lot of great, trendy pieces at affordable prices. So with the holiday season is coming up so its def worth checking out.  From the bell sleeves to the exposed shoulders, this top is perfect in every way, truly a great fall transitional piece to have. You can check it out here. Now the night owl in me decided to have this fun lil' shoot by myself after I had got back in from a night of good food and drinks, and it was a well deserved night after a stressful ass week. Gotta take time for yourself, to reset and breathe.

This top was gifted to me from MakeMeChic*
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