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Sunday, January 22, 2017

For the longest time I've been eyeing a few products from the beauty brands Glossier and Bite Beauty. I recently received the Bite Beauty multistick [in "Almond"] as a gift and I bought the Glossier stretch concealer [in "Deep"] and haloscope [in "Moonstone"]. 

Glossier Haloscope : "Moonstone"
For the winter months I just wanted a subtle highlight, nothing to out there and in your face or obvious, so opted for the limited edition moonstone shade instead of the golden/bronze Topaz, which I feel would be perfect for my skin tone during the summer months. This glides on very smoothly and is a nice consistency. This shade does seem to have little specs of glitter in it, which I don't like too much because my skin gets really oily and then it just doesn't look right after a while. So I only ended up using this on my lids and under my brow area, I think it looked best there for me. All in all i give this a 3/5 and I'm def going to try the topaz shade once summer rolls back around. 

Glossier Stretch Concealer : "Deep"
So when I first rubbed my finger into to the pot to apply this I loved how creamy the consistency felt but when I actually wore the product I hated it. When I purchased this I did not realized that there were oils listed in the ingredients. I have oily skin so of course this just wasn't going to work out for me. I applied this on my cheeks, under eyes, nose and chin and looked like a greaseball, even with a powder on top. This product only looked okay when I had applied it under my eyes on top of a powder, so I will continue to find different ways this product could possibly work for me but I will not buy this again. I'll stick to my NYX concealer, plus its cheaper any ways. 2/5

Bite Beauty Multistick : "Alomnd"
I've literally been wearing this non stop everyday on my lips and cheeks. It is such a creamy consistency and moisturizing on the lips. This shade is like a mahogany brown and is a great color for the darker skin tones. I also like how great this shade is for that monochromatic makeup look, it gives that nice little pop of color. It blends well into the skin and with other shades, love that I can use it on my eyes, lips and cheeks. This is my new favorite product! I want to get so much more shades of this, I wish it were a little cheaper. 4/5

The next products on my Glossier wishlist are the serums, let me know if you tried them and/or what are your favorite products by the brand?

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