Hylamide Photography Foundation

Monday, February 06, 2017

Ive been so into everything beauty lately, reading blog posts from Into the Gloss and Byrdie. So I currently have a lot of products on my list to try out and maybe review here on my blog or youtube (channel here). For the past week I've been testing out the Hylamide photography foundation in transparent from Deciem
This product claims to "visibly target fine lines, textural irregularities, color imbalance, and aids in immediate surface correction. The foundation is made with fractionated silica complex and prismatic hue corrections, so you look better in photos." 
Now as far as the foundation claim, I did buy it in transparent so I was not expecting it to have any coverage (which it didn't) so I would consider this to be more of a primer, not a foundation. Maybe a tinted primer or moisturizer if you buy it in the two other tinted shades. The product comes out as a whitish hue and being that I am a brown girl when I first applied it I had a slight white cast on my face, but it did melt away as I continued to rub it in. Once it settled into my skin it gave me this soft focus blur filter type of look and I loved it! My pores shrunk and my skin looked so soft and smooth, it was like the perfect base for my powder foundation. I do believe this helped my foundation stay on longer, I walked through rain and snow and I didn't need to touch up anything, my skin still looked good. Also I didn't get as oily as I usually do, so i think this product also helped a bit with that as well. I definitely will keep this product in my make up bag, I am loving everything about so far! I [4/5] 

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