"No Makeup" Makeup Routine

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

No Makeup Makeup Routine - Everyday makeup look

No Makeup Makeup Routine - Everyday makeup look

No Makeup Makeup Routine - Everyday makeup look

My "No Makeup" Makeup Routine
A fresh face with a slight glow. Light and natural, not too much going on, is how I like my makeup. A beat face, dramatic makeup looks are not my cup of tea, although I do love how some people do them and rock them, personally I just cant deal with all of that. Plus my eyes get pretty sensitive so I would probably just end up ruining my makeup anyways. So today Im just sharing the few steps I take to create my everyday “no makeup” makeup look. 

Obviously be sure to start with a clean moisturized face. First thing I do is a apply a primer, right now I am using the Hylamide transparent foundation (see review post here), then I will lightly dust my face with the NYX translucent powder. I find that I stay shine free longer when I apply translucent powder first rather than after foundation or whatever is put on. Next I will opt to either use my NYX concealer or Bare Minerals foundation powder (I don't use the two together unless my skin is really acting out). I don't use any heavy foundations because I like to keep my base light. I am also looking for a tinted moisturizer, so if you have any recommendations let a girl know 💁🏾. 

After my base is set I go straight to my brows, right now I am using the Estee Lauder double wear eye pencil and I just fill in whatever needs to be filled in. After I apply a light contour to my face with NYX concealer that is two shades darker than me and I will put on top the Bite Beauty multistick in almond for a pop of color to my cheeks (see review post here), plus my haloscope highlighter from Glossier. Lastly I apply some lip balm or gloss and call it a day! Applying a lip color or mascara is optional for me sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t, but I do like Bite Beauty for the lips and Physicians Formula for the lashes. This all takes about 10 minutes so its a pretty quick and easy step in my morning routine!

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